Crime Prevention Tips
Orange County Sheriff’s Office Emergencies - Dial 911 Non-emergency, gang unit, graffiti 407-836-4357 Anonymous CrimeLine 1-800-423-TIPS
Neighborhood Watch What is Neighborhood Watch? Neighborhood Watch was designed as a way to fight crime by preventing it before it occurs. The main concept of the program is for neighbors to stay alert to unusual activity and contact the authorities. It helps eliminate the criminal's two greatest tools: public apathy and easy opportunity. When should I call the Sheriff's Office? The general rule of thumb is: If the situation looks suspicious then it is suspicious. Trust your judgment and call the Sheriff’s Office. Nobody knows your neighborhood better than you do. You know the people, cars and activities that are normal in your neighborhood. YOU ARE THE EXPERT! What should I report to the Sheriff’s Office? Suspicious cars, sound of breaking glass, suspicious persons, unoccupied vehicles with the motor running, parked cars in secluded areas (occupied or unoccupied), found property, gunshots or loud firecrackers, screams, hang-up or suspicious phone calls and similar incidents. How do I report suspicious activity? Keep the phone numbers of the Sheriff’s Office by the telephone. Let the dispatcher know immediately the nature of the call. Don't hang up until you are told to. Don't go out to investigate on your own.